How to issue Console Commands to your Server Друк

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Login to the server management control panel.  If you have trouble logging in we have instructions for resetting your password here.

Click on "My Servers" in the Panel Navigation Sidebar:

Click on the server you want to manage on your server list:

Your server page will load where you can Start, Stop, Restart, or Kill your Intersect Server.  

You will also find a console where you can type in server commands. At the very bottom of the page you will find recent cpu and memory usage of your server. 

If you need help finding a console command type in: help and hit enter.
You can type in the name of any command and follow it with /? to learn how to use that command.
For example, typeing in: poweracc /? and hitting enter will tell you to use the command followed by an account name and a power level to set an accounts power.  (Ie: poweracc jcsnider 2)

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