Setup API Access (Intersect Beta 7 and Before) Nyomtatás

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As of the November 19, 2022 update to Intersect all insecure (HTTP) API access attempts from public IP addresses are blocked. This means that all API access must be done locally, and public access must be provided through a secure reverse proxy which is included with all of our hosting packages.


In order to setup API access you must make several changes to your api config file which is located at Server/resources/api.config.json



  • Set the 'Enabled' property to true.
  • Set the 'AllowedNetworkTypes' property to 4.


Be sure to restart your server after making the above changes to your api configuration.


After you reboot your server, verify that your api is accessible by browsing to the following address in your web browser with the following replacements:


Replace [SERVER] with the prefix for your servers address (ie: eu0, na2) based on your server location.

Replace [PORT] with your game port shown on the console page for your server within the hosting panel.


Your api is working if your browser returns the following message:



Use the following address for any tools/services which need to communicate with your api replacing [SERVER] and [PORT] as described above.



Please feel free to reach out with a support ticket if you need further assistance.




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